Front Street, Tudhoe, Spennymoor. DL16 6TH

Tudhoe ChurchTudhoe Methodist Church was built in the 1870s by the local miners.
It is a Grade II listed building.

10.30am. on the 1st Sunday of the Month


Wednesday 10.00am – 12.00noon: Coffee Morning & Worship on Wednesday (informal worship)

Messy Church for Primary School age children takes place during School holidays as publicised locally.

For further information about the church or baptisms / weddings / funerals:
Please contact: Rev Janet Titterton.


Gracious Spirit dwell with me.

Gracious God, light and guide of all [who] put their trust in you: grant us in all our doubts and uncertainties the grace to seek your will, that the Spirit of wisdom may save us from all false choices and that in your light we may see light; through Jesus Christ our Lord.


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